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Sunrise Over Charlottesville



Death Valley Sunrise


Death Valley Textures At Sunrise

6.23.17 – The textures and colors in Death Valley have never ceased to amaze me, though the 128┬░ temperature in June wasn’t exactly ideal.

Nelson Sunrise

11.24.17 – I took a short hike in the freezing dark to this rock outcropping overlooking the valley to spend the morning after Thanksgiving watching the sun come up over Nelson.

Max’s Senior Photos


First Light On The Colorado

6.21.17 – This was a spectacular campsite on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I enjoyed a slow dusk on the rim and a night in solitude without another human for dozens of miles. Seeing those first rays crest the rim of the canyon in the morning and illuminate the Colorado River 3000 feet below me was an unforgettable experience.

Morning Light At Many Glacier


Great Sand Dunes


Many Glacier Sunrise


Sunrise Over The East River – Crested Butte