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Bisti Badlands

6.18.17 – More of these crazy rocks that look like giant beetles or dinosaur eggs in the Bisti Badlands, previously posted here, here, and here.


Bisti Badlands

6.18.17 – This feature caught my eye as I was hustling out of the wilderness in the dark. A long exposure captured the last ambient light as dusk shifted to blackness.

Dusk At Toroweap


Bisti Badlands


Palo Duro Monsoon

6.12.17 – During a truly spectacular sunset, a massive monsoon cloud rolled through and began pummeling the opposite side of the canyon. When the light faded, I stayed to take some long exposures of this lonesome house perched on the mesa.

Bisti Wilderness

6.18.17 – I just had time to glance through a few photos from last night. I’ll do a much more robust post later, but for now let me get at least one photo up from the Bisti Badlands in the De-Na-Zin Wilderness. It truly felt like being on a different planet.

Twilight Ride


Charlottesville Sunset


Big Thompson River

6.21.15 – I love how the light changes and smoothes the water in these two photos taken an hour apart. The first photo was exposed for 1/5 of a second and the second photo was exposed for 40 seconds.