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Beaver Creek Sunrise

5.29.17 – Beaver Creek Reservoir was totally socked in with heavy fog this morning, but I watched two kayakers paddle away into the distance. Right before they went around the bend, a gap opened up in the fog and let in a thick beam of light, illuminating the opposite bank with a golden glow.


Beaver Creek Sunrise, Part 2

1.9.17 – I posted another photo of the same sunrise a few days ago taken at a wider angle. This new shot uses a different viewpoint and a telephoto lens to highlight the mountains looming over the reservoir. I’m not sure I like one more than the other, but they’re distinctly different photos.


Beaver Creek Sunrise

1.9.17 – I took advantage of a snow day from school to get out and about this morning. Although it was 8° as the sun came up, I thought the benefits of spending time outside were well worth the chill.


Beaver Creek Sunset