Charlottesville photography.


Old Trail



Greenwood Sunset

2.18.18 – Five minute exposure of the sunset over Greenwood and Afton Mountain.

Jarman’s Gap Waterfall


Sunrise Over Charlottesville


Sherando Lake


Palo Duro Sunset

6.12.17 – A series from this wild sunset over the Palo Duro Canyon, as previously seen here. The colors shifted by the second, so I was frantically running around trying (and failing) to capture everything. The two panoramas can be clicked to view in a larger resolution.

Upper Antelope Canyon

6.26.15 – I’m still discovering hidden gems from various hard drives and memory cards from years past including these from two and a half years ago. There’s something amazing about watching these sunbeams move through the slot canyons of Arizona.


6.14.16 – More previously undiscovered files from old trips.

Eagle’s Nest

6.29.16 – I’m still cleaning off old hard drives and discovering un-touched shots from many trips, including this one from Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, high in the Bavarian Alps.

Beaver Creek