Charlottesville photography.

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Palo Duro Sunset

6.12.17 – This is the first photo from a truly wild sunset as a monsoon developed right over the Palo Duro. The cloud continually shifted colors in the fading light as it rolled toward me over the canyon and stormed on the far rim. This photo is really just the tip of the iceberg as the cloud had just formed. More to come showing the way it progressed as time allows.

Great Sand Dunes


Desert Hares

6.21.17 – While these jackrabbits are common sights in the desert, I’ve never seen them in greater size or quantity than at Toroweap. They were absolutely all over my campsite, and some of these guys had to have been the size of massive cats, or small dogs!

Many Glacier Sunrise


Owens Valley Sunset


Sunrise Over The East River – Crested Butte


North Cascades


Lunch At The End Of The World


North Cascades Sunrise


Dusk At Toroweap