Charlottesville photography.


6.15.16 – I’ve got some time to kill in the airport in Oslo, so I’m beginning to dump photos to my computer – almost 30 GB so far, with eight more days to go. Here’s my first quick edit from the past nine crazy days.

It’s hard to explain how strange (and incredible) Jökulsárlón is. There’s a glacial lagoon fed by calving icebergs from an expansive glacier. All night slipping and cracking ice can be heard thundering into the lagoon. The icebergs are huge and they’re a milky, glowing blue sort of hue. As they float to sea, they gradually melt. When any remnants hit the Atlantic Ocean, they’re almost immediately pushed back up onto the beach by waves. At this point they disintegrate from massive blue icebergs to tiny, perfectly transparent figures of glass-like ice. The beach is littered with these little fragments. Strange, right? Then add in the fact that the beach is made entirely of jet black volcanic sand and the sun never sets in June – it’s a truly bizarre set of occurrences that make this place so unique. Unfortunately it was mostly clouded over when I was there, but I still got some incredible photos – this one was taken at 3:30 AM after the sunrise. I already can’t wait to get back to this otherworldly place!



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