Charlottesville photography.

False Kiva

6.24.15 – I hiked in to False Kiva, a hidden archaeological site in the side of a cliff in Canyonlands National Park. Despite the 100º heat, it was an incredible hike. It’s simply one of the most amazing things I have ever seen: a totally secluded ruin in a secret cave in the side of a cliff in the backcountry of an already remote national park. You can’t actually see the cave until you’re right in it. The only reason anyone would even look in this place is if he already knew something was hidden there. I can really see why it might be a sacred or secret place for an ancient tribe. This Pueblan Indian ruin is estimated to have been built around 1350. It has been designated a class II archaeological site, meaning it is not noted on any map or literature, but rangers will talk to you about it if you ask. These three photos are a little repetitive, but I honestly just couldn’t decide on one photo to post. No single photo could capture the isolated beauty of this place.



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