Charlottesville photography.


Bisti Badlands

6.18.17 – More of these crazy rocks that look like giant beetles or dinosaur eggs in the Bisti Badlands, previously posted here, here, and here.


Max’s Senior Photos


Downtown Ouray Sunset

6.17.17 – Sunset in the small town of Ouray, tucked high up in the San Juans. I absolutely love this town.

First Light On The Colorado

6.21.17 – This was a spectacular campsite on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I enjoyed a slow dusk on the rim and a night in solitude without another human for dozens of miles. Seeing those first rays crest the rim of the canyon in the morning and illuminate the Colorado River 3000 feet below me was an unforgettable experience.

Glacier Sunset


Great Sand Dunes


Bisti Badlands

6.18.17 – This feature caught my eye as I was hustling out of the wilderness in the dark. A long exposure captured the last ambient light as dusk shifted to blackness.

Cities Of The Plain

7.8.17 – More photos from the Palouse. And yes, another gratuitous Cormac McCarthy reference.


Palo Duro Sunset

6.12.17 – This is the first photo from a truly wild sunset as a monsoon developed right over the Palo Duro. The cloud continually shifted colors in the fading light as it rolled toward me over the canyon and stormed on the far rim. This photo is really just the tip of the iceberg as the cloud had just formed. More to come showing the way it progressed as time allows.