Charlottesville photography.


Lake McDonald


Palouse Afterglow

7.8.17 – The full moon rising over the endless sea of gold and green was amazing, both from above and ground level.


7.8.17 – These photos, taken a few hours before sunset, are some of the first shots I took of the Palouse. As the sun dipped lower and lower, the shadows lengthened, the colors popped, and the textures shifted.

Diablo Lake

7.7.17 – This is the most vividly turquoise water I’ve ever seen, and there’s just so much of it. I took dozens of photos here as the sun went down, and will undoubtedly post more later. For now just a few quick edits from the road. Suffice to say North Cascades is a true gem of a park due to both its sheer grandeur and how remote and empty it is.

North Cascades


Pastel Canyon

6.21.17 – Pastel Canyon is a short slot canyon not marked on any maps in the Valley of Fire. It’s not far from the road, but it’s totally hidden from sight and a bit difficult to find. The colors, textures, lines, layers, and shapes in this place are just stunning, as they so frequently are in the desert.

Northern California/Oregon Coastline

7.3.17 – After sleeping deep in the Redwoods, I took my time meandering up the coast of California and Oregon. The views are universally spectacular and include unique features like the aptly named Arch Rock, pictured here.

Sierra Nevada

6.24.17 – Lone Pine Peak (largest peak on the left) and Mt. Whitney (spiky peak on the right) framed through Mobius Arch. Although Lone Pine Peak looks higher in this image, it’s a matter of perspective. At 14,505 feet Mt. Whitney not only dwarfs Lone Pine Peak by over 1,000 feet, but is also the highest peak in the Lower 48. The rugged Alabama Hills at the base of the Sierra Nevada were used to film countless westerns over the last century, and are still used today for many Hollywood films.

Grand Canyon Sunrise

6.20.17 – “The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

While I don’t share Fitzgerald’s affinity for New York City, or cities in general, I feel the same promise whenever I catch sunrise on the Grand Canyon.

Owens Valley